Fred Marcus Photography

Fred Marcus Photography became a dream of a young man immigrating to the United States from Germany during WWII. After leaving Germany, Fred Marcus arrived in Cuba and because of red tape had to make it his home for almost two years. To make a living and support himself, Fred took photographs of other immigrants and their families on the beaches of Cuba. He developed them in his bathtub at night, making his bathroom a makeshift darkroom. Most of Fred’s photographic knowledge was self-taught and he was considered a brilliant portrait photographer.

After arriving in the United States, Fred decided to set up shop in New York City. The studio is still in the same location that it was 70 + years ago, only much larger. New York was his choice because his clients from the Cuban beaches were all coming there. He followed, and they remembered. They used him for their family portraits and soon he was photographing their family events.

Today, people from around the world call to use our services, and they can always count on the highest standards of quality and uncompromising customer service.


Andy Marcus

Growing up with a father in the photography business was amazing training for me when I joined the studio full time. Never having formal training myself in wedding photography, my dad, Fred Marcus, believed in learning on the job. Looking back, he could not have been more correct. From the young age of 13, I assisted my father most weekends. Besides keeping me out of trouble growing up in the Bronx, New York, it gave me my foundation for the basics in photography, lighting, posing, expression, and communication. To this day, I still use the same lines my dad used to make people smile and react to the camera. In addition to my father, I learned lighting and schmoozing from several of his photographers, taking this knowledge from one and that from another, I grew as a photographer. My first day working at the studio my dad had me in a corner of the production area numbering negatives (remember those?) and proofs. I did this for two years. It was amazing training to see what work was good and what work could have been better. It took me years to understand why he had me do this, and today I realize I am a much better photographer for having done this.

Today, our studio has grown to be one of the finest in the country, with a world-class team working to make high-end wedding photography a commodity that people seek out and are willing to spend a large portion of their wedding budget on.

Over the years Fred Marcus Studio has worked for such celebrities as Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Eddie Murphy, Mary Tyler Moore, LeBron James, Joey McIntyre, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, Governor Mario Cuomo, Billy Baldwin and Chynna Phillips, and Kelsey Grammer.