8 reasons pro photographers love what they do

Looking for a little (photography) love this month? We asked several world-renowned Lexar Elite Photographers how and why they fell in love with what they do. See what they have to share… and get inspired

1. “More than anything, I love the creative aspect of photography, from seeing the image in my mind, to capture, and finally, processing the finished image.”

- Don Smith
Specialties:  Landscape, fine art, sports; teacher, author
Pro experience: 40+ years



2. “Photography has offered me a platform for exploration and self-discovery in terms of learning things about myself.”

- Greg Gorman
Specialties: Celebrity, advertising; teacher, author
Pro experience: 40+ years


3. “Photography never ceases to amaze me in its ability to stop time, allowing us to share that moment days, weeks, months or years from when the image was made.”

- Jay Dickman
Specialties: Photojournalism (Pulitzer Prize), travel; teacher, author
Pro experience: 35+ years


4. “I tell people that ‘My specialty is not specializing.’ I like to do it all, because I find the joy in all types of photography.”

- Rick Sammon
Specialties: “Not specializing”; teacher, author
Pro experience: 100 countries, 36 books, 11 apps, and 16 years of leading workshops


5. “ I love how photography has given me a platform to share and inspire others to pursue their passion.”

- Mike Colón
Specialties: Wedding, fashion, celebrity, lifestyle; teacher
Pro experience: 20+ years


6. “I never get tired of grabbing a camera and going shooting in perfect late light. Everything just pops with vivid colors and bathes the scene in magical light.”

- Onne van der Wal
Specialties: Nautical; teacher, author
Pro experience: 30+ years


7. “The passion that goes into a click only works when it touches the heart of the viewer. This challenge is why I love photography, the story of a thousand words written in a heartbeat.”

- Moose Peterson
Specialties: Wildlife, airplanes; teacher, author
Pro experience: 35+ years



8. "I love not having to go to an office every day. As a photographer, quite literally, the world is your office. You stay engaged and curious."

- Joe McNally
Specialties: Photojournalism, generalist; teacher, author
Pro experience: 35+ years


Heart photo credits—line one left to right: Greg Gorman; Jay Dickman; Rick Sammon. Line two: Mike Colón; Don Smith; Moose Peterson; Joe McNally. Line three: Onne van der Wal.