Lexar JumpDrive C20i Travels to Tanzania

Right before leaving on my trip to Africa, I decided to try out the new Lexar JumpDrive C20i flash drive. Little did I know at the time, this pocket-sized tool would be an amazing travel companion for me during my two weeks in Tanzania.

My iPhone and iPad are always right at the brink of their memory capacity, but I wanted to bring a lot of movies to watch on the plane. Since JumpDrive C20i lets me store and watch movies right from the drive, I was able to take countless movies and music with me, without using any space on my iPad or iPhone.

Not only was I able to watch and listen to the content on the drive, I was also able to use it as my sole charging cable on the trip. Power is at a premium while on safari, and it was incredibly helpful to have the short charging cord at my disposal, whenever we had access to power.

While on the long plane ride to Africa, I took the time (which I rarely do) to purge old photos that I no longer wanted. This freed up some space, but not enough. Once there, we encountered one amazing animal after another, and I quickly ran out of room on my iPhone. I connected my JumpDrive C20i to the phone and, with one click, backed up all my photos to the drive.

This data transfer proved to be invaluable. I wanted to post some of my photos, taken with my DSLR on Instagram, but didn’t have an easy way to get the edited photos from my laptop to my phone. That is, until I realized that the JumpDrive C20i could do this for me without relying on any Internet connection from the laptop.

 With the JumpDrive C20i, I could backup my photos, store movies and music, and charge my devices. All of this with one small product that barely took any space in my camera bag. It was love at first connection.